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JeansManSkirt (C)

The Tirade
(If you're here, you asked for it!)

When it comes to real leisure (i.e., sleeping), I have long used a nightshirt.  I haven't owned pajamas for decades and never will because they aren't comfortable and, at least while I'm sleeping, no one can complain.  I enjoy the freedom of a skirt-like garment, but the fact is that it makes most other people uncomfortable.  My wife asked why I would want to look like a weirdo, a cross-dresser or even a pervert.  Hopefully, I don't look that bad, but the point is well taken: Thus, the tirade.

First, I'd like to clarify the context.  I am definitely not out to change the world about this.  (I rarely give a damn about what the world thinks anyway.)  And we aren't talking of dresses or other women's wear.   I have no desire to wear anything but trousers at work or at formal occasions, and am not into cross-dressing.  In fact, I'm motivated by the feel and freedom of a skirt, and want to address the look of skirts on men simply to not make people uncomfortable.  Particularly, people that I love. 

There's a bunch of web sites out there related to MUGs (male unbifurcated garments) that approach this topic from a variety of directions.  Just none of them mine.  I'm not Celtic, African, Pacific Islander, or any of the other many, many non-horseback-riding cultures that dress men in something other than trousers.  So, I can't claim ethnic reasons, although I believe that men should wear clothes that connect them to their ethnic identity if they feel good about it.

Women's bodies are too different to try finding a female skirt that would fit, and they are way too stylish.   If one can decide on a clan in order to choose a tartan, the Scottish kilt can look good, but the hardware accessories are a bit much for me.  (It's a good excuse to wear a knife, although airports would be a problem.)  I found the Utilikilt to be too heavy and the Mountain Hardware Men's hiking kilt to be very comfortable, but too light.  Sorta like Goldilocks and her bears' porridge.

In short, I realized that I was trying to find a skirt that is both modest and comfortable, while seeking the bottom of the radar in terms of 'making a statement.'  Preferably, no one would even notice that I am not wearing trousers or shorts. 

Thus, was born the JeansManSkirt (C).  This is a conversion, so I took my favorite old pair of black work jeans apart and put them back together focusing on modesty (they do need to be legal, even if I don't intend to appear before the court with them!), comfort and obfuscation.  The JeansManSkirt (C) scores high on the first two, and comes close to minimizing the skirt 'statement.'